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Young And Hot Cyberskin Doll




Meet the Young and Hot Love Doll who’s a life-sized inflatable beauty with incredibly realistic Cyberskin lady parts! A full head of sexy honey blonde hair covers her life-like head. Gaze upon her lovely 3D face with soft, luscious lips and a sensual, deep throat mouth. So fresh and shaped like your dreams, her soft CyberSkin pussy and ass are nice and tight. The Young and Hot Love Doll includes dual entry with a CyberSkin soft, supple vagina and anus to envelop your shaft as the tight inner walls snugly caress your penis. The open ended design allows for increased stimulation to the head of the penis as you thrust in and out. Enjoy fondling her perky breasts and licking her realistic, erect nipples. This pretty young thing is waterproof and comes with a repair kit. Clean using toy cleaner and warm water. Use a water-based lubricant only with this toy.


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