What The F*ck? Filthy Questions Game




What the F*ck? Filthy Questions Game includes 480 Filthy Questions. Players are each provided an answer sheet to write in personalize answers after each question, and the person taking the turn is read each person’s answer and then selects a favorite. The player with the winning answer receives the game card as a point. Example questions are “If your genitals could talk, what would it say to embarrass you?” and “If I had a talking mirror, what’s the bitchiest thing it might say?” Then each player provides a funny answer and can personalize it to tease the player asking the question! Get ready for hours of hilarious fun!
Includes: 80 cards with 480 What the F*ck? questions, 100-page notepad, 8 pencils, 1 die, and easy-to-follow instructions. Perfect for 3-8+ players!


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