The We-Vibe Sync has completely changed the rules of the game by giving the user even more control over how this toy works with their body! The We Vibe Sync has two points of contact where you can essentially bend the We Vibe Sync to fit your body with more accuracy. There is a single point of adjustment in each arm, and these bendable sections stay firmly in position after adjustment, allowing users to explore their ideal shape. Explore different angles, use it completely and confidently hands-free. This increased sense of control, security, and accessibility will add entirely new dimensions to how you make love. The vibrations from the We Vibe Sync are exactly what you would expect from We Vibe! The external prong has resonant, powerful rumbling vibrations which vary in intensity meanwhile the internal arm has more of a flickering feeling to it. We Vibe Sync is great for solo sessions and partnered sex! Both partners will easily enjoy the We Vibe Sync’s many benefits. Each We Vibe Sync comes with a remote control which allows users to cycle through its 6 different patterns and varying intensities and has a 3 meter range. It is also equipped for the We Connect App, allowing you to make your own vibration patterns or use music to control the vibrations in addition to providing the standard pattern options. The We vibe Sync is USB rechargeable and a single 2 hour charge offers up to 90 minutes of play. It is also 100% waterproof which makes cleaning a breeze with some warm water and toy cleaner. Use a water-based lubricant only with this toy.
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