This Urethral Sound Set enables you to explore deeper nerve endings. And, discover entirely new sensations. Many people are exploring their bodies in new ways. In addition to, discovering the arousing feelings associated with urethral play.

Do not wear a sound for prolonged periods. However, they can stimulate areas of the body which are otherwise out of reach. This set is made from premium phthalate-free, non-porous silicone. Hence, these flexible rods bend with the body. Insert them through the urethra. Furthermore, slide them down the shaft to create a unique sensation. There are highly-responsive nerve endings packed in the urethra. As a result, these nerve endings feel incredible when stimulated.

The Urethral Sound set includes 3 sounds with graduated sizes. Each sound is 8in or 20.32cm in length. First, the smallest has a diameter of 0.19in or 1.48cm on one end and, is 0.23in or 0.58cm on the other. Second, the medium has a diameter of 0.27in or 0.69cm on one end and, is 0.32in or 0.81cm on the other. Finally, the large has a diameter of 0.34in or 0.86cm on one end and, is 0.38in or 0.97cm on the other

In conclusion, always ensure that your toys are completely sterile before play. This includes using an antibacterial toy cleaner and hot water. Due to the nature of silicone toys, always use a water-based lubricant with them.


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