The Anal Hook, Stainless Steel




The Anal Hook is an impressive stainless steel device that allows you to keep a strong hold on the wearer. It features a strong ring at the opposite end. In fact, the hook can be held in place with strong rope, string or any favourite bondage equipment. If you want to take your role-play to greater heights, then this is the right anal hook to introduce to your game.

An anal hook is considered one of the best torture or role-play slavery devices to have in a sex toy collection. In fact, there is 5in or 12.7cm of insertable length (the ball and a portion of the hook). And, the opposite end has a ring that measures 1.5in or 3.81cm in diameter for connecting to ropes. The total weight is .75lbs.

This device has a smooth design that ensures that there are no dangerous rough or sharp edges throughout the structure. Use it without fear of injury to you or your partner. Furthermore, Stainless steel is not only durable but is also easy to clean. Hence, a little warm water and toy cleaner will do the trick. Finally, wipe it dry before you store it away


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