Tenga Geo Aqua

Tenga Geo Aqua Male Masturbator


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Enjoy waves of thrilling texture with the TENGA GEO Aqua. Intense as the ocean but in your control, flip this artistic male masturbator inside out and go hard and fast or deep and slow until you overflow with orgasmic satisfaction.

Shaped like a giant TENGA egg, the GEO wears its penis-pleasing texture on the outside until you’re ready to play. Simply remove it from the included stand, turn it inside out, and enjoy. After you’re finished, wash and replace on the drying stand until next time.

The GEO’s inner canal measures 6.5 inches and is lined with wave after wave of ridges for direct delight.

Use on your own for sensational solo delights or pass to your partner for additional foreplay fun.

Reach the peak of satisfaction with assistance from a water-based lubricant.


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