Tenga Double Hole Cup Masturbator, Standard

Tenga Double Hole Cup Masturbator, Standard




The Tenga Double Hole Cup Features a double canal structure providing different sensations on either side. Use each side of the Tenga Cup and experience the difference or use both together to enjoy the combination of two contrasting sensations! One side gives you access to a caressing and a gently stimulating passage with nubby ticklers that reverse as you penetrate and pull back creating an exciting feeling. The other end is the more intense passage with nubs that firmly cling to the penis as you enter. To create a strong internal vacuum, simply remove the sticker at the top of the cup before use and cover with your finger while using. The curvy shape allows you a good grip, and the slightly flexible sides let you squeeze for your desired amount of pressure. The Tenga Double Hole Cup features the smooth pad insertioton mechanism! This mechanism not only offers extra adherence, air-tightness and less lubricant leakage, but  automatically applies lubricant to your penis as you insert! The Tenga Double Hole Cup Masturbator is a sleek, self-contained, and pre-lubed, double ended must have, especially for travel!

Phthalate free
Measures: 6in or 15.24cm x 2.25in or 5.71cm x 8in or 20.32cm (girth including casing)


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