The Stronic ZWEI is a PULSATOR, not a vibrator. Stronic ZWEI delivers thrusting motions (back and forth movements) as opposed to the buzz generated by vibrators. Stronic ZWEI is unisex making it perfect for both anal or vaginal play. This new age device can be used HANDS FREE in a variety of positions because its back and forth thrusting motions keep it in place inside the user! This allows users to surrender control in a whole new way by completely putting the Trust in the Thrust! This Pulsator is rechargable, waterproof and made from 100 percent medical grade silicone. It features a wide base for external stimulation (clitoris and perineum) along with rhythmic thrusts (10 kinds of pulses) and powerful pulsating thrusts in the slow and fast motion settings.
Measures 22.5cm total length x 4.4cm in diameter


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