Stronic G Pulsator, Pink


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Are you ready for new Stronic G Pulsator from Fun Factory? Why are Stronic toys special? And why are they called Pulsators? Well, they pulsate rather than vibrate! The Stronic G Pulsator actually thrusts on its own! The shaft of the Stronic G is straight and thinner than the Stronic Eins catering to those with a preference for a smaller toy. The shaft tapers to an angle hook/ledge type head. The Fun Factory Stronic G is designed to focus on the G-spot and deliver self-thrusting pleasure. This Pulsator is also made from medical grade silicone and fully waterproof. To turn on your Fun Factory Stronic G you press the FUN button, you then press the (+) button to increase the setting. Once you reach the top setting you will cycle through the patterned settings, to decrease the setting you press the (-) button. To stop the Pulsator you simply just press the FUN button again. The Stronic G has 7 intensity settings and three patterned modes. You can also set the Fun Factory Stronic G to remember your favourite setting so it will always start off on that setting when you turn it on! This device also has a travel lock so that you can bring your favourite new friend everywhere you go without being accidentally discovered. The Stronic G is USB rechargeable and a full charge offers approximately 45 minutes of high speed orgasmic bliss.

Measures: 5.75in or 14.6cm x 1.65in or 4.2cm


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