Squishy, Balls




These squishy toys for adults provide relaxation when anxiety strikes. Stress relief toys have become quite popular in recent years. Manufacturing companies are rushing to cash in on stressed out executives and employees. Are you seeking for the best way to let off steam and unwind? Then we suggest some Squishy Balls!

When you squeeze these Squishy Balls in your palm, your hand and wrist muscles tighten and when you release them the muscles relax. Doing this repeatedly helps to release tension, especially after a stressful meeting or phone call. Manipulating stress balls stimulates the brain which releases endorphins that are natural sedatives or pain relievers. Endorphins also help to enhance your mood.

If you are feeling like your world is out of control, don’t succumb to stress. Just let it go by squeezing this stress ball in the shape of well “Balls”. Hence, these are perfect for when the office or home environment is driving you nuts!  In addition, lowering levels of stress and tension can help to improve your quality of life. Less stress means better sleep habits, warding off illness and an increased feeling of general well-being.

Any one of our squishy toys for adults can be the perfect stress ball. However, stress “Balls” make a great gag gift as well. And, remember that sometimes it is OK to have a laugh or a squeeze. Perhaps you could do with a quick, mid-afternoon, cross-office catch with this cushy toy. A break can do the mind and body good.

These slow rising Balls measure 2.75in or 7cm. They are berries-scented and made of slow rising PU material. Finally, these are great fun as a party favor, stress relief, or humorous gift. Squishy Balls come packaged in a durable and squeezable polybag.


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