SPF-106 Bead Clamps, Violet Haze




Nipples are packed full of delightful nerve endings. When they are stimulated, it can send you into a heated frenzy. The original use of nipple clamps was indeed intended to inflict sexual pain. But don’t worry, if you’re not into the erotic pain, you don’t have to use clamps that way.

These Beaded Clamps are designed to squeeze the nipple and create an ongoing sensation of pressure. They are an adjustable tweezer-style clamp. They also feature pretty violet purple beads. Each clamp has soft rubber tips. Simply adjust the clamps by sliding the metal rings up the tweezers. Hence, you can use them for merely lovely decoration or pretty strong stimulation.

Attitudes around sexual exploration are relaxing. More people are choosing to open the door to new erotic adventures. Clamps have become less taboo. In conclusion, no matter your sexual orientation, identity, or preferences, most of us can agree that nipples are awesome.

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