Silicone Island Rings, Pink

Silicone Island Rings, Pink




Three textured silicone stretchy rings of different sizes to suit any mood or level of experience.  Work your way down to the smallest ring, or wear them all at once!A penis ring is a device, made with silicone, rubber, metal, etc. and is worn around the base of the penis during intercourse or masturbation.  Basically penis rings work by limiting the amount of blood flow to and from the penis in order to maintain a full and firm erection.  It allows a man to retain his full erection during intercourse and therefore increasing pleasure for both his partner and himself.  Rings can also make orgasms more forceful and intense.  These items are intended solely for sexual enhancement and not designed to correct erection problems. Use of rings should be restricted to no more than 30 minutes at a time.  Allow 60 minutes between uses.  Do not fall asleep wearing the ring, prolonged use of the ring (without removal) may cause permanent injury to the penis.


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