Shunga Lovebath, Ocean Temptations




Introducing LOVEBATH from Shunga!   Enjoy a Japanese sensual bath experience that turns your bath water into a luxurious jelly!  Inspired by the sensual ritual of Japanese Love Baths where eroticism is promoted.  It is very simple to use.  Empty the first package of contents into a bathtub filled with warm water and watch closely as the water alters into thousands of delicate pearls engorged with water.  This rich pearly gel adds a delicate perfume to the room while brightening the water with a relaxing color!  Once this is done both lovers step into the oasis, let their bodies rest and heighten their senses.  The therapeutic proprieties of this gel hydrate and exfoliate the skin making it smooth, desirable and ready for love!  Lovebaths quickly become a playground!  At the end, you just have to empty the second package into the mix and everything will then turn back to liquid so it can be drained.


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