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The Shunga Sexual Energy Drink for Women contains exotic herbs rumored to enhance sexual energy and sensation. This erotic enhancing blend contains ingredients like Damiana and Guarana for energy, well-being, and heightened sensuality and arousal. The Sexual Energy Drink for Woman from Shunga promotes better self-lubrication. Enjoy enhanced orgasms both in length and intensity! Increase your libido and sex drive while improving overall sexual energy and desire. Dilute with juice or alcohol 30 minutes prior to intercourse.
Ingredients: Damiana, Caramuru, Ashwaganda, Clavo Huasca, Guarana, Water, Glycerine, Natural Flavor, Sucralose, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate.
Damiana – Sensitivity of the sexual region and strengthening of the vaginal wall
Caramuru – Stimulation of the central nervous system, the dilatation of the blood vessels for better lubrication and the improvement of sexual desire through its alleged aphrodisiac properties
Ashwaganda – A general sense of well-being, the activation of sexual energy, the augmentation of libido and the improvement of tactile sensations
Clavo huasca – Augmentation of libido, regulation of hormonal production and might be particularly effective for pre-menopausal women
Guarana – Better responses to sexual stimulations, reduction of inhibitions, augmentation of creativity and physical ability

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