Scandal Over The Door Swing




The Scandal Over The Door Swing was deigned to help support weight so you can put a little swing into your thrusts where ever you are. This swing is fully adjustable and equipped to fit both standard and oversized doors. The Scandal Over The Door Swing is easy to use and easy to release, with double-padded soft arm and thigh straps for maximum comfort as you swing your way to orgasm. The straps are soft and plushy on one side with luxurious red and black designer fabric on the other. The comfortable, adjustable cinching straps allow for totally customizable positioning. Adjust the leg and arm straps higher or lower to find the perfect angle to send you both swinging to the peak of pleasure.
Made from: Polyester (fabric), PP (straps), Acrylic (dowels), POM (buckles)
Cuffs Measure: 15in or 38cm (arm cuffs), 30in or 76.25cm (leg cuffs)


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