The Scandal Flogger is both beautiful and sturdy. The point of flogging is to strike a specific area repeatedly and with accuracy to allow a build-up of endorphins to take place. Then move to another spot and give it a few flails. Then move to still another. At no time strike the area where the kidneys are, stay three to five inches above the buttocks line. Avoid wrapping the flails of the flogger over the tops of the shoulders or around the subject’s sides. Wrapping this way accelerates the speed of the tips enormously, creating an unintentionally extremely painful effect that will NOT be appreciated by your subservient. Take a regal stance with the Scandal Flogger and enjoy the sting!
Measures 14.75 inches or 37.5cm (tassels) 27.25 inches or 69.25cm (overall)


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