Scandal Corset Cuffs




Scandal Corset Cuffs are perfect for use in sex play to restrain one partner’s wrists or ankles. These cuffs consist of two beautiful bracelets linked together with a chain. Use these Handcuffs in different ways: wrist to wrist, wrist to object, ankle to ankle, or ankle to object.

Use naughty Scandal Corset Cuffs for a seriously sultry night. Feel sexy when you slip on these sensuous red and black brocade lace-up cuffs. Beautifully reminiscent of the classic corset and totally adjustable. Hence, use these to restrain both wrists and ankles.

Unlike most cuffs, they come complete with a long 8inch, heavy duty chain. Scandal Corser Cuffs have easy-reach universal clasps. So, let your lovers imagination go wild. Comfortably restrain hands behind the back, around the bed posts, beneath a desk. Consequently, they can even be held tightly inside the dominant’s hand as they lead you to a point of total bliss.

The possibilities are truly endless, and you can explore them all. Best of all, the inside of each cuff is incredibly soft and plushy. Your wrists and/or ankles will stay comfortable and protected as you writhe and moan beneath your lover’s touch.

Handcuffs are a popular BDSM accessory. The adjustable Velcro closures lets the submissive pick just how tightly they want to be restrained. Ensure a perfect fit for every body type. Finally, let your imagination run wild tonight and unleash your deepest, dirtiest desires.

Measures: 8in or 20.25cm (Chain), 11in or 28cm (Cuffs Circumference)


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