Scandal Control Cuffs




Bring luxury and eroticism together with sexy and scandalous Scandal Control Cuffs! Experience the incredible sensations of restraint and control with this simple addition to your collection. A set of Scandal Control Cuffs joined at the middle by a graspable handle are perfect for placing control firmly in the dominant partner’s hand. Whether you prefer to use these cuffs around the wrists or ankles, the Velcro closures make these ankle cuffs completely adjustable for comfort and fit. The plush lining on the inside of the restraints prevent chafing, or any tell-tale marks. A quick-release connector between the cuffs make it easy to changes position. Forced positioning between trusting lovers is an incredibly sensual part of bondage love-play and the Scandal Control Cuffs are designed for perfect leverage and deep penetration.
Adjustable up to 14in or 35.5cm


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