Romantic Rose Petals




Spread these Romantic Rose Petals around to set the tone for a night of passion. The classic rose is the perfect flower of romance. Decorate the bed for a classically romantic gesture. Create a trail leading to the bedroom. Perhaps you might want to spell it out and create a romantic message on the floor. Likewise, you can lead the way to a sexy wet encounter accessorized with more from our Bed & Bath category.

These petals can be used to fill a gift box and hide the perfect gift. Sprinkle them in a drawer and top them with a romantic note. Additionally, you can sprinkle them in a car and surprise your sweet-heart in the morning when they leave for work. Perhaps surrounding an intimate board game?

Romance is about longing and beauty and mystery. It’s impractical. It’s about form and setting and symbolism and sensuality. Notably, although some people may think of romance as a synonym for sex, it’s not. Sex can be romantic, and romance can enhance the mood for sex, but romance is much more than that.

Romance is active, as opposed to passive. It’s making something happen, taking charge, but in the interest of your partner. It’s letting your partner know that you love them, you’re thinking about them, and you’re showing it. Rose petals can be used anywhere to create an intimate ambiance. You can turn even a simple idea into a memorable night. Whatever you choose to do with rose petals, you will be demonstrating that you are putting in the extra thought and effort, and that is exactly what romance is all about!


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