Rocks-Off Bullet 140mm Soft Tip - Pink

Rocks-Off Bullet 140mm Soft Tip – Pink


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Rocks-Off Bullet 140mm Soft Tip – Pink

Not satisfied with producing the world first soft tip bullet vibrator (the RO-100 soft tip), Rocks-Off bring you the big, bad brother, packing more intense functions than ever. The RO-140 merges together the power of a big bullet with the sensuality of a silicone tip. 7 speed. You’ll love the incredible sensation that this intense 7 speed bullet brings. You can’t fail to be impressed with the size and power of the RO-140 and yet still be amazed at the sensual caress and pin point accuracy of the silicone tip. 100% waterproof and with silent vibration, the RO-140ST is a must have for anyone who wants intense power and sensual caress at the same time. In its own reusable packaging, the RO-140 soft tip is a great addition to your toy box. Size: 140mm x 25mm. Battery Type: 1.5Volt N size / LR1. Battery Quantity: 2. Speed: 7. Material: ABS/ Silicone Tip. Waterproof.


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