Pleasure Bound Novel




When Marie meets Zeke a tattooed, motorcycle-riding bad boy with a body built for sin. She gets swept up in a torrid affair that rocks her world. He’s so different from the dependable Mr. Nice-guy-types she’s always dated in the past and after a few nights in his arms, she vows never to go back. Little does she know that her best friend Ty, the quintessential Mr. Nice guy, is gearing up to make his move and finally admit his true feelings towards her. When Ty learns that Marie thinks he’s “too nice” for her, he sets out to prove that he can be the overpowering dominant she wants and overwhelm her senses in ways Zeke never could. What Marie never expected to discover is that Zeke and Ty share a secret history together—one that changes everything she thought she knew about both men. A past that went far beyond the bounds of friendship…and now they’re about to take Marie beyond the bounds of pleasure…and into a world of soul-shattering ecstasy


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