Patchy Paul, Candy Rose

Patchy Paul, Candy Rose


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Patchy Paul is a true original from Fun Factory. This waterproof rechargeable vibrator is made from body safe silicone and has 12 vibration programs! Patchy Paul is designed to hit the g-spot with its curved nose tip. The powerful motor is designed to allow direct energy transfer into the silicone shaft. The intense vibrations are distributed without any drop in strength throughout the entire shaft right to the tip of the toy. A battery level display ensures that Patchy Paul doesn’t run out steam at just the wrong moment. The Quick Stop function using the Fun button stops any secret adventures in half a second. Navigating is easy and comfortable with the + and – buttons plus the key lock means the Patchy Paul can leave home, traveling the world discreetly in a handbag or suitcase. Patchy Paul’s unique flexibility allows for this large vibrator to adapt to a huge variety of positions while still exerting a pressure on the erogenous zones. Whether climbing mountains or riding the waves, Patchy Paul is the right partner for intimate and intense moments. Patchy Paul is just as diverse in his play as he is reliably! Clean your toy with antibacterial Toy Cleaner and warm water. Use a water-based lubricant with this toy only.
Measures: 9in or 22.9cm x 1.1in or 2.8cm (1.7in or 4.4cm at the tip)


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