Nipple Nibbler, 3g, Pink Lemonade




Raise nipple play to a whole new level of excitement with Nipple Nibblers! These sweetly flavored lickable tingle balms add lots of chilly toe-curling tingle to erogenous zones including lips, nipples and more. Each flavour is infused with menthol for irresistible arousal. Apply a little dab of Nipple Nibblers to your own nipples or your lover’s to stimulate and sensitize these tender, highly responsive tissues. Nipple Nibblers are safe to ingest, and the fragrance is intensely sensual, making gratification a real delight. Playmates won’t be able to keep lips and tongue off each other! Pink Lemonade is inspired by the taste and scent of lemon tartness tickled with sweet red berry, perfect for applying to the lips pre-kiss!


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