Massage Oil, Bloom, 120ml/4oz

Massage Oil, Bloom, 4oz




Bloom Massage Oil from Intimate Earth is a wholly indulgent, irresistibly scented Massage Oil that smells like freshly cut peonies! Bloom has a natural, light scent to it not a heavy perfume smell. Use this amazing oil for a floral inspired massage or pour into your bath. Use a small amount of this oil after a shower for all day freshness. Intimate Earth Massage Oils are Non-greasy and do not stain the sheets. Formulated with completely natural, certified organic ingredients, this fresh, peony-scented oil contains no irritating parabens, glycerin or DEA. Packed with certified organic oils of almond, sunflower and coconut, as well as aloe, lemongrass and goji berry, Bloom Massage Oil is 100% vegan and completely cruelty free.


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