Male Genital Desensitizer, Shunga




The Male Genital Desensitizing Spray from Shunga is an innovative formula designed to gradually desensitize the penis to help men synchronize their pleasure with their partner. Improve your performance with this incredible delay spray and extend your love making. Stay harder and last longer with the petite and discreet Shunga Male Desensitizing Spray! Experience more sensation, more pleasure and an overall positive effect over time, thanks to a gradual desensitizing cycle. Benefit from an amplified sex drive, intense stamina and better orgasmic encounters that will rock your world! Spray 3 to 8 doses (0.08 ml/dose) onto the head and shaft of the penis. The effect of the spray will be felt in about 5 minutes and lasts an average of 30 minutes. The amount required and time needed to take effect may vary depending on the individual. This topical pump spray contains approximately 150 doses. Shunga Male Genital Desensitizing Spray is latex-safe, edible, paraben free, sugar free, gluten free and Vegan friendly.

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