Lubricant, Defense, 8oz

Lubricant, Defense, 8oz




Defense Lubricant is 100 percent naturally derived, and blended with natural plant extracts that were specially selected to not disrupt the healthy micro flora in the vagina, while blending perfectly with natural moisture. Anyone with sensitive skin, or who is simply mindful of what goes on and in them will adore the gentle water based and water soluble formula that won’t make a mess of you or your sheets or clothing. The staying power is impressive, and the long lasting moisture can be easily reactivated with water or a few more drops of Defense. This Sea Kelp & Guava Bark lubricant is completely safe to use with condoms and other latex products, as well as rubber, silicone, and all various toy materials. This product is vegan friendly, containing gentle aloe and other certified organic extracts with no animal based products


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