Liberator, Jaz Motion, Black




Considering adding furniture to your intimate sessions? The Jaz Motion Liberator allows you to maneuver in positions that otherwise would be difficult. It even makes the position’s you have already mastered more comfortable. The Jaz Motion Liberator allows less strain on your bones and muscles while you rock out! When placed on the curve, your body is supported on the flat size, allowing you to rock back and forth and enhance your natural motion. When placed on the flat side, you have a gentle slope that offers ideal support for hips. The Jaz Motion Liberator offers lift and access while providing deeper angles for more incredible sensations. Placing the Jaz under your hips, back, head, ankles or shoulders will simply amaze you! The Jaz is smaller then it’s larger twin, The Liberator Ramp by about 40% which makes it perfect for travel, slumber parties and storage! The Jaz Motion Liberator is made from fully supportive polyurethane and covered in a machine washable microsuede that feels soft and luxurious against the skin.
Measures: 13inches or 33cm x 19inches or 48cm x 6inches or 15cm


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