Liberator, BonBon, Black




BonBons have never been so delicious! Treat yourself to this domed piece of sex furniture that has a hole in the center of it to insert a dildo or vibrator in! The BonBon Liberator was designed to be a hands-free solo sex device or an addition to sex play with one or more partners. It can easily be used by anyone who enjoys penetration regardless of sex or gender, though it does require straddling and therefore being on your knees. The BonBon is insanely versatile.  Use it to for greater support in various positions, to prevent sliding across the bed during intercourse or for back support during masturbation. As mentioned previously, use the BonBon to hold your favorite toy in place for the ride of your life, the possibilities are endless! The BonBon Liberator is made from fully supportive polyurethane and covered in a machine washable microsuede that feels soft and luxurious against the skin.
Measures: 15inches or 38cm x 8.5inches or 21.5cm x 12inches or 30.5cm


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