Lia Love Balls, Purple




Lia Love Balls are perfectly weighted for pure pleasure. These ABS balls are coated with silicone and have a handy, stretchy and durable retrieval cord. Love balls are usually used for sexual stimulation and for strengthening and exercising your pelvic floor, by placing them in the vagina. They are also used for strengthening the Pubococcygeus Muscle. This muscle is found in both sexes and controls urine flow and is contracted during orgasm. Strengthening of the PC muscle is recommended for women who have recently given birth. Known as Kegel exercises, research has proven that strengthening your PC muscle using these balls will dramatically increase the muscle tone in the vagina and help to strengthen weak bladders. This is achieved by forcing the muscles to flex in order to hold the balls in the vagina. The constant flexing of the muscles in the vagina also causes an increase in blood flow to this region. The increased blood flow in this region provokes an automatic increase in arousal levels. After each use make sure you clean them thoroughly. This can be done using our Ready Toy Cleaner.
8 inch x 1.5 inch or 20 cm x 4 cm (overall) 1.5 inch or 4 cm (ball diameter)


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