Kiss My…! Party Game




Kiss My…! Party Game is one of the most fun and outrageous Bachelorette Party Games ever! Kiss My…! is like the game Pin the Tail on the Donkey, except the tail is your lips and the donkey is a dong! Give the soon to be Bride the Pecker Lipstick to apply, then cover her eyes with the mask and give her a spin, now point her in the right direction to land the perfect kiss! The first person to Peck his Pecker Wins! Who needs a male stripper when this hunk has already taken it all off! This game is not only for bachelorette parties, create a stir at a birthday party or delight the girls on your next night out! This hunky poster boy is all you will need to have the crowd grinning ear to ear.
Includes: One poster, one blindfold and one pecker lipstick


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