Kink Swell Auto Nipple Sucker Cups




Kink Swell Auto Nipple Sucker Cups feature individually controlled vibrating cups. Furthermore, they also provide powerful auto pump suction. Nipples are filled with nerve endings, and should never be ignored!

Like fingerprints and snowflakes, no two nipples are the same. The size of the breast does not determine nipple sensitivity. So, get to know what yours feel like and how sensitive they are. Using a nipple sucker will increase the size and sensitivity.

Place the transparent cups over each nipple, power on, and watch them grow. Rock hard, ultra-sensitive nipples and heightened arousal are just a touch away. Swell adheres perfectly to the skin with a strong automatic suction seal. Additionally, there is an air release button for safe, fast removal.

Each Kink Swell Auto Nipple Sucker cup has powerful multi-function and speed vibrations. Hence, you can raise the intensity on either or both with the controller. The controller features 3 LED power indicators. At first, start slowly with nipple play and gradually increase the intensity.

Nipple Sucker Cups are perfect for solo or partner play. They can be used by men or women for increased sensation and sensual play. Explore the joys of nipple play, suction, and pleasurable vibrations. Simply wear them for a few minutes to increase sensitivity to touch. Using nipple suckers for foreplay feels fabulous.

Measures: 2.25in or 2.72cm (cup diameter)

Requires: 2 x AA batteries (not included)


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