Kink Squeeze Clover Clips with Silicone Tips




Kink Squeeze Clover Clips with Silicone Tips are beautifully crafted Japanese clover-style nipple clamps. These clips tighten with every tug and swing of the heavy chain. In like fashion, they are made from attractive black metal hardware.

Experienced users only should use these clamps. The pressure these clamps provide is intense and long-lasting. Each clamping implement is tipped in soft red silicone. Thus, this creates a visually pleasing contrast with the black metal hardware and protects the skin.

These Clips might be too extreme for some submissives. Hence, making it impossible to endure. Clover clips are essentially utilized for bosom/areola torment. Therefore, use your judgment in regards to whether this is a suitable toy for your torment resistance and experience level.

Finally, it is best to apply them to dry, clean skin so they do not unpredictably slip off.

Measures: 17in or 43.18 cm


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