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Kimono Microthin With Aqua Lube Condoms, 12 pk




The Kimono MicroThin with Aqua Lube Condom is one of the thinnest condoms available. These condoms are also lubricated with a special water-based lubricant called Aqua Lube. Aqua Lube is pH balanced, long lasting and it provides a silky, natural and sensual feeling. MicroThin Ultra Aqua Lube condoms also feature a new straight-sided shape that makes it easier to put on. Kimono MicroThin with Aqua Lube Condoms are the result of sophisticated Japanese engineering and special natural rubber latex processed with state of the art technology.
Measures: 7.5 inches or 19 cm (length) x 1.87 inches or 4.74 cm (width) x 1.19 inches or 3 cm (diameter) x 3.74 inches or 9.4 cm (circumference)


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