Icicles Glass Butt Plug, No. 14




Icicle No 14 is a simple but elegant plug that can be used in a few different ways and for a few different reasons. Some people love the full and stretched feeling a plug can provide, and others use them as a tool to help prepare for anal sex or another type of anal play.  Whether you are playing or prepping, Icicles No.14 is a great toy to have. The base of the toy is small enough that it will not get in the way during intercourse and stays in place well thanks to the size difference between the bulge and neck of the toy.  The slim neck also makes long term wear really comfortable and easier to manage. This plug is great for more than just anal play, it can also be used for vaginal play. The curve to the toy and bulbous head are also perfect for stimulating the G-spot. Icicles No 14 is also great for temperature play!  Easily heat or cool the toy up by placing it in a bowl or sink of warm water or ice water.  Made from Pyrex this toy is very strong and is much more resistant to breaking than some other glass types.  Pyrex is a hypoallergenic, non-porous, and body safe material that is a truly great option in a sex toy because of how safe it is.
Measures: 5.5in or 14cm long, insertable length is 3.5in or 9cm, the thickest area of the bulb measures 5.75in or 14.6cm in circumference, the neck measures 2.75in or 7cm circumference


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