Hex Respect Large Condoms, 12pk




Lelo Hex Respect is a natural latex condom for bigger guys who take sex seriously, and take pride in their pleasure. With a diameter of 58mm, Respect is one of the biggest condoms on the market and only 0.045mm thin, making it one of the thinnest as well! The honeycomb structure reduces slippage, in the same way a wet weather tire grips the road. HEX is structurally different because it applies a unique hexagonal web throughout the latex combining thinness with strength! The unique structure molds to the penis for a delicately tailored feeling giving Hex Respect Condoms a customized fit for comfort. Hex Respect condoms are lightly lubricated and have 6 flex points for increased sensation. These condoms are stylishly packed and Hex Respect features the same blend of science, safety and sex appeal that makes Hex condoms one of the best-selling condoms!


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