Fleshlight Shower Mount Adapter




Thrust hands-free with the Fleshlight Shower Mount Adapter

The Fleshlight Shower Mount Adapter is a fantastic Fleshlight accessory. Hence, using a Fleshlight in the shower is a great way to warm up your device and make clean up a breeze. The Adapter is well designed, very sturdy and easy to use. Furthermore, it is compatible with all standard Fleshlight cases except for the clear variety. This product is not compatible with blade, sword, and sex in a can Fleshlight sex toy products.

Prepare for the most exciting hands-free play session ever with the innovative Fleshlight Shower Mount. First, remove the base cap of your Fleshlight. Second, replace it with the shower mount adapter. And, make sure you screw it on tightly. Next, attach the suction pad to any flat, dry and solid surface and adjust the angle with the side hinges. Finally, apply lots of your favourite water-based lube for extra slip. And, plunge into a world of realistic pleasure and exciting stimulation, completely hands-free!

Once you have used a Fleshlight, there is no going back, you are hooked! But if you are looking for new experiences and a new way to use them, then this it!  And, it is so much better than using your hand. Hands down, this is one of the best accessories made for Fleshlights and Fleshjacks.


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