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Prepare to workout with the Nicole Aniston Fit Fleshlight! As the name suggests, this Fleshlight is designed to increase your stamina in the bedroom. Take masturbation to a whole new level as you enter the first chamber of longitudinal ribs that each house six rectangular bumps. Each rib is slightly curved to the right, which gives the inside of the chamber a spiral-like appearance. The second chamber starts with large bumps that sit just at the entrance. The next is a row of bumps that are much smaller in size. These are followed with two smooth rings. In the transition from the second to the third chamber, there’s a channel that really squeezes down on your member. This is an important section of the Nicole Aniston Fit because of how tight it is compared to the next chamber. The third chamber really changes things up. Instead of featuring all of the rings and bumps that the second chamber offered, this chamber is a large rectangle with flat triangle-shaped bumps. The large, open shape of this chamber is in complete contrast to the second chamber your penis just went through. It creates a unique sensation that not all Fleshlight models offer. The fourth and final chamber starts with four ridges of bumps. Each ridge is set on an incline that pushes toward the entrance of the sleeve. The very first ring is very tight, but the ridges get larger with every ring you pass. It’s the repeated penetration of this area that creates the intense orgasm that this sleeve is known for. This toy feels amazing and is incredibly stimulating. The Nicole Aniston Fit Fleshlight is sensory overload, and in the best way possible! Throw on your favorite Nicole Aniston video, kick back, and enjoy the best orgasm of your life. Use an antibacterial Toy Cleaner and let dry thoroughly before storing. A water-based lubricant is recommended for use with all Fleshlights.
Measures approximately: 10in or 25.4cm (9in or 22.8cm internal length) x 4in or 10.2cm to 2.5in or 6.4cm (diam)


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