Fetish Fantasy Cordless Vibrating Nipple Clamps




Are you ready for Fetish Fantasy Cordless Vibrating Nipple clamps? Nipples are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. However, lots of people tend to steer away from nipple toys. Most think that nipple play is more about pain than pleasure. But that is just not the case! Well, at least it does not have to be.

While there are toys out there that will definitely inflict some pain, if you know what you are looking for then you can make sure you find a toy that is all about arousal and sexy stimulation. Nipple vibrators are a collection of toys that use vibration to stimulate the nipples. A lot of people also use nipple stimulation to help with arousal and to get them into the mood for more play.

Nipples are one of the most reactive parts of our bodies

Men have nipples too and they are also super sensitive so these toys can be used by both women and men. So long as you like nipple play, then you will likely like these cordless vibrating nipple clamps. Just like the other erogenous zones of our bodies, when we are aroused, stimulation of the nipples feels absolutely amazing for many people.

These cordless vibrating nipple clamps are basically a nipple clamp with a vibrator attached. Each clamp is adjustable so that you can control the pressure and intensity. That way you can enjoy the vibration without any nagging pain or discomfort. Additionally, having a wireless option means that each can be controlled independently with no wires to deal with.

With your hands-free for other pleasures, nipple play has never felt so good! Choose your desired tension and adjust the rubber-coated clamps until they’re nice and snug. Select a speed that’s right for you and let the tingly vibrations tease and seduce you! Finally, these clamps are waterproof. Try them in the shower or spa and turn bath time into passion time!

Includes: Batteries and a FREE Satin Love Mas


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