Colt Desensitizing Spray uses benzocaine to delay ejaculation.
Apply on two different areas 5 to 15 minutes before contact.
1- all around the head of the penis, never directly on the head, only the areas around it (3 sprays).
2- on the back of the head of the penis (1 spray).
The effect usually begins to be felt within 5 minutes and last for an average of 30 minutes.
NOTE: the quantity used and the timing may vary with individual requirements. The necessary number of sprays and waiting time are normally the ones suggested. Each bottle contains 15g for approximately 150 applications. Do not apply the product on irritated or damaged skin or if you or your partner has already experienced an allergic reaction to local anesthetic products.  In order to not  desensitize your partner, be sure to wipe off any excess before penetration. Benzocaine is totally safe to use and is condom compatible.


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