Clitoral Jewelry, Clear Crystal




Adorn your most intimate sweet spot with Crystal Clitoral Jewelry! Simply slide the jewelry on, and remove whenever you desire. Crystal Clitoral Jewelry is discreet and stylish and it is made from non-tarnishing nickel free steel, with sleek and smooth ABS beads. The non-piercing clip measures 4.25 inches or approx. 11 cm and is designed to fit around the clitoris and inner lips. To use, part the outer labia and slip the clitoral clip behind the clitoris until a snug, comfortable fit is achieved. The clip enhances orgasmic satisfaction for you and your lover. The sensual pressure and friction of the clip causes swelling and an increases the clit size. This stimulation maximizes your arousal and elevates your ecstasy. Wear clitoral jewelry every day for secret pleasure, or attach the clip before indulging in a passionate encounter.


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