Carnal Pleasures Collection, Shunga




Let your imagination run wild with the Carnal Pleasures Collection. In this set, you get all the intimate products you need. Bring sexual excitement to a new level. Experience the full pleasure of carnal love. Hence, this collection is bursting with erotic potential.

First off, it is prettily contained in gorgeous erotically decorated packaging. Included are five sensual favourites. Perfect for erotic getaways or as an accompaniment to your sensual bedroom pleasures. The Carnal Pleasures Collection offers some of Shunga’s most popular items in generous sizes.

First, enjoy giving or receiving a sensual massage with Exotic Fruits Erotic Massage Oil. An exclusive blend of cold-pressed oils. It eliminates friction while moisturizing and nourishing skin.

Next, accentuate a hands-on touch. Use the silky and kissable Exotic Fruits Massage Cream. This cream contains all-natural ingredients plus honey and vitamin E.

Thirdly, enhance oral love-making. Use the tingly Divine Oral Pleasure Gloss in delicious Sparkling Strawberry Wine. For instance, this Gloss warms and cools on contact.

Mimic heat from your lips with the fourth erotic addition. Dragon Sensitive Intensifying Cream, inspired similarly to Fire and Ice. For example, dab on the clitoris or head of the penis. Increase sensitivity to the touch, breath and beyond!

Finally, Apply Toko Aqua Personal Lubricant for extra moisture. Specifically, this slippery glide enhances sex, foreplay and sex toys.

Roll the included pearl beads over and around your newly-sensitized areas. Men love the unique sensations that beads provide when wrapped around the penis. Likewise, a Lady may enjoy the necklace inserted in the vagina then slowly pulling it out. If you feel more adventurous, you can use the pearl necklace during anal massage.

At any rate, just be creative! As well as, use lots of lubricant.

Includes: Erotic massage oil – Exotic fruits – 8 oz or 240 ml, Kissable massage cream – Exotic fruits – 7oz or 200 ml, Divine oral pleasure gloss – Sparkling strawberry wine – .33oz or 10 ml, TOKO Aqua personal lubricant – 5.5oz or 165 ml, DRAGON sensitive Intensifying cream for couple – 2oz or 60 ml and a white pearl necklace


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