Berman Intimate Basics, Juno




The Dr. Laura Berman Collection is designed to provide you and your partner exactly with what you need.  Juno is a seamless kegel style exerciser with increasing weights.  Use the Juno to continuously strengthen the PC muscle.  A beautiful pouch is included for storing your Juno, which is made from Acrylic/Lucite.
NOTE: Insert the Juno gradually over time and use according to your comfort levels.  Insert the smaller end while standing and support the other end gently with the palm of your hand.  Squeeze the vaginal muscles and try to support the weight of the Juno without your hand.  As strength and control develops you can work your way up to the heavier balls – eventually you should be able to hold the heavier weights without the support of your hand.
4.6 oz or 130 g (weight)
7.25in x 1.25in or 18cm x 3cm


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