Bathmate Pump, Hercules, Blue




Welcome the Hercules Bathmate Pump! Fill the cylinder with warm water, then place your manhood inside of it. Create a vacuum by pushing the cylinder down towards the base, do this several times to build the right amount of pressure. Once you can’t push it anymore, rest for a bit but keep repeating this process every few minutes. You will notice your penis expanding as excess water spews from the top of the pump. After you reach the point where you can’t pump anymore, the Hercules is at optimum vacuum. Over time, using the Hercules will increase the size of your Corpora Cavernosa tubes by triggering increased blood flow into the penis. The Hercules Bathmate Pump consists of an extra sturdy polycarbonate cylinder marked off into millimeter measurements, a pliable, skin safe synthetic rubber gaiter base and stainless steel spring release valve up top. The maximum penis length that this pump will accommodate is 8.26 inches or 21 cm, and the maximum girth is 1.8 inches or 4.5 cm in diameter. The Hercules Bathmate Pump can also be used as a traditional pump with a lubricant but it is best used in the bath or shower as a water pump.

Measures: 11.7 inches or 29.7cm (total length) x 3.30 inches or 8.4 cm (diameter)


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