Autoblow 2+

Autoblow 2+




Yes!! It’s a blowjob machine! With the Autoblow 2+, you’ll soon experience the sex toy for men that sets a new standard in realistic solo experiences. Autoblow 2+ creates the feeling of sucking with a series of rollers that simulate a mouth moving up and down on your erection. The New and improved triple gripping mechanism strokes more of your shaft. The Autoblow 2+ doesn’t need batteries, simply plug it into any electrical outlet. The up and down movement is controlled using the speed dial, allowing a completely hands free masturbatory experience! Use a water-based lubricant only with this toy. Clean up is a snap!
The Autoblow 2+ is offered in size B, the most popular size!
Mouth opening measures 4-5.5inches or 10-14cm x internal length of approx 7inches or 18cm

Additional information

Dimensions12 × 4.5 × 4.5 cm


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