Aqua Lube Natural Gel, 2oz




Aqua Lube Natural Gel combines organic ingredients in a water-based, thicker viscosity gel formula that stays in place. Enjoy this safe, non-staining, water-based lubricant and experience a more natural and sensual experience. Aqua Lube Natural Gel gives prompt lubrication to enhance your sexual activities. Aqua Lube Natural is condom compatible and provides outstanding performance to enhance pleasure for you and your partner. Aqua Lube Natural is one of the leading choices for adding slippery fun to your activities the natural way!
Ingredients: organic aloe barbadensis leaf extract, sorbitol, hydroxyethylcellulose, allantoin, lactic acid, tocopherol (vitamnin E), potassium sorbate, organic steviqa rebaudiana extract, hyaluronic acid, organic paeonia abiflore (peony) root extract, organic passiflora incarnate flower extract


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