17958 Black Bodystocking With Long Sleeves, Multi Fence Net, One Size




Long Sleeve Bodystockings are also referred to as hosiery. Bodystockings are more commonly referred to as exotic or erotic lingerie. This is due to their sheer and cutout styles.

Bodystockings are hot items. Look sexy right down to your toes in this sexy multi fence net bodystocking with a deep neckline. This long sleeved bodystocking is made out of sheer stretchy fabric that clings suggestively to every curve of your body. Surprise your lover with this sexy piece of full body lingerie. Enjoy the textures and visuals that come with wearing one. It can be the most seductive of lingerie, subtly revealing and tempting your lover. Thus, offering a hint of skin through erotic and sheer materials. For this reason, what is not to love?

Similarly, think of your long sleeve bodystockings as a very large pair of tights. The entry is through the neck rather than the waist. To avoid entanglement, ladders or tears, it is super important to start from the feet. Again, work your way up, even when you are entering from the top! Finally, whether it’s to wear under club wear, or for that moment at the end of the evening when the clothes come off, one thing is for sure, both you and your partner will be in for a visual treat like no other!


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