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Hex Condoms, 3pk




Introducing Lelo HEX! The world’s first reinforced condom. Boasting a honeycomb structure, these condoms are super-strong and super-thin for top-notch protection which feels amazingly natural. Lelo has taken inspiration from strong-yet-light structures found in nature to create its innovative new prophylactic. With 350 interconnected hexagons which strengthen each condom, Lelo has been able to create an ultra-thin latex for greater connectivity and pleasure, which never compromises on protection. Hex condoms were re-engineered for better wear, better sensations and better protection!  The unique honeycomb design strengthens latex and prevents major splits. Each is lightly lubricated with non-spermicidal lube for easy wear and use and has a reservoir tip. The Hex natural fit offers protection you can barely feel! HEX even comes just the slightest bit more unrolled so you can easily tell which direction is correct.
Measures: 7.5in or 190mm (length) x 2in or 54mm (width), with an average thickness of 45 micronsSee more here:


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