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Fleshlight Shower Mount




Sure you need a shower. Yeah, a shower is fine… but is hot water and soap what guys really need? We don’t think so…they need action, pleasure, sex! Well, the Fleshlight Shower Mount uses a suction cup and do guys like suction? Oh yeah! Can’t wait to masturbate hand-free in the shower or wherever you like and give yourself a realistic, powerful and intense experience? Then prepare for the most exciting hands-free play session ever with the innovative Fleshlight Shower Mount! Remove the cap of your Fleshlight and screw on tightly to the shower mount before attaching the suction pad to any flat, dry and solid surface. Adjust the angle of your Fleshlight mount with the side hinges, apply plenty of lube for extra slip and plunge into a world of realistic pleasure and exciting stimulation…completely hands-free! Compatible with all standard Fleshlight cases except for the clear variety.


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