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Fleshlight, Misty Stone, Bump N Grind




The Bump N Grind Fleshlight is a Misty Stone exclusive!

The Bump N Grind Fleshlight is special because ILF adjusts the color of the sleeve to the skin tone of the respective porn star Misty Stone! Misty Stone is the only African-American star with her own Fleshlight.

This Fleshlight features two vortices and a highly structured transition passage between them. First you’ll enter through three rows of alternating bumps and ribs and then punch through toward the grinding action of the Vortex, another set of bumps, and then the Vortex again. If you’re still going you’ve got one more set of soft bumps that will softly welcome you home.

Misty Stone’s exclusive Fleshlight creates a very soulful and also realistic sex impression. The structures are very pleasant in stimulation without being too intensive. It does not feature real constrictions, only a handful of cross ribs reduce the diameter from time to time, providing some penetration sensation. The big chambers produce a good vacuum and the resulting suction effect.

Measures: Approximately 9in or 22.8cm (Sleeve length), 1.25in or 3.2cm (Orifice depth), 7.75in or 19.7cm (Inner texture length), 10in or 25.4cm (Case length)


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