About Us

About us

What do you get when you have a sexually repressed single mother with a full-time job and no time for a partner? You get loveatlust.com! I had gone on long enough without pleasure or time for myself. This is what inspired me, to not only bring myself out of the abyss of sexual starvation, but also start a business that has bubbled up a passion inside me that I have to let out and share with the world.

Loveatlust.com is my commitment to bring sexual satisfaction to all those who desire more and those who desire it all! This is for the busy singles who have gone without it, to the doubles, triples and multiples who want to add something new to their bedroom repertoire! The spice of sex is here and all you will ever want, need or would like to try is on our site for your experimental pleasure in the guarantee it will bring you Love@Lust!

The Mission

L@L’s mission is to provide the willing and the curious worldwide with the tools to enjoy the passion and pleasure that comes with a fun and uninhibited and safe sexual pursuit!